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The increasing high prevalence of wounds reverts to important clinical, social and human costs, transforming this nosological entity into an important public health problem. The seriousness of this problem implies the adoption of effective strategies in order to adapt the existing resources to the real needs of the person carrying the wounds, in order to improve the care delivery and increase the satisfaction of the health professionals. The complex nature underlying the treatment of wounds justifies the implementation of interventions based on ethically directed scientific evidence, in order to improve the efficiency of clinical practices and raise individual quality of life. The pursuit of this desideratum generates the need to develop courses that promote the construction and diffusion of scientific knowledge in this disciplinary area.
The organization of the Course is in accordance with Regulation No 348/2008 of July 1, which establishes the principles governing the application of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to the training provided by the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.


The Post-graduation Course in Wound Care and Tissue Regeneration aims to develop clinical and research skills enable evaluation, intervention and research on the prevention and treatment of wounds, contributing to the production of health gains, giving visibility to the implementation of good practices. It aims at providing scientific, technical, human and cultural training in the context of advanced wound intervention, enabling them with skills to provide a case management service and continuous support to the person, with a view to improving their quality of life. It is the general objective of the course to develop scientific, technical, research, relational and ethical skills appropriate to the care of the wounded person. The course provides specialized training in the field of wound intervention, promoting a more differentiated practice / practice. Specialized clinical skills (care delivery) are adequate to the specific needs of the person carrying the wounds, in nursing care as well as the promotion of competences in the conception, management and supervision of care. In this sense, it is intended:
To develop the specialized knowledge area in nursing, relevant to the quality of care in the scope of prevention and treatment of people with wounds;
To critically analyze the results of evidence-based practice relevant to clinical intervention in the field of wound prevention and treatment;
Promote self-analysis capabilities oriented to problem solving and clinical decision-making.


Curricular structure

Curricular Unit Scientific area Organization of the Curricular Year Work hours ECTS
Total Contact
Wound’s Fundamentals 729 semester 50 15 2
Wound Classification 729 semester 75 30 3
Therapeutic Options in Wound Care 729 semester 375 75 15
Option 1 – Curricular Stage in Clinical Practice in Differentiated Units 729 semester 250 64 10
Option 2 – Project in Wound Management and Treatment 729 semester 250 20 10


Course Regulation

Credit Regulation

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Access conditions

You can apply for access to the Post-graduation Course in Wound Care and Tissue Regeneration :
a) Holders of a bachelor’s degree in nursing, podiatry or medicine, or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of a foreign higher education degree in the field of Health conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this Process;
c) Holders of a foreign higher education degree in the area of Health that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the degree of licenciado by the scientifically competent scientific body of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted;
d) Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum of relevance in the area of health, which is recognized as attesting ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the scientific body competent statutorily of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted.

Course Code
Application online
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1 semester
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Application fee
€ 20.00
Tuition fees
Registration – € 100.00
School Insurance – € 4.36
€ 750.00/ by edition