C.Te.S.P. in Gastronomy, Tourism and Welfare


The Advanced Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP) are a training offered in the scope of Polytechnic higher education with 120 ECTS and the duration of four curricular semesters. These study cycles have components of general and scientific training, technical training and work-based training, which are carried out through an internship at the end of the course, and aim to establish a bridge between the academic and business worlds. They hold a Level 5 Vocational Higher Diploma from the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning and allow students direct access to undergraduate degrees through a special competition held at the institution.
The technical superior course of Gastronomy, Tourism and Welfare, is taught by the Viseu Higher School of Agriculture, the Superior School of Technology and Management of Viseu, the School of Education of Viseu and the School of Health of Viseu, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.
The professional superior technical course of Gastronomy, Tourism and Welfare is given in the facilities of the Superior School of Agriculture of Viseu of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.
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Study plan

1st Year

Curriculum unit Contact hours ECTS
Food Hygiene and Safety 60 5
Sustainable Food Production 75 6
Food Composition 60 5
Portuguese and European Gastronomy 60 5
Tourism 60 5
Foreign Language 45 4
Asian and African Gastronomy 60 5
Food Processing and Conservation 65 5
Application of Cold in the Food Processing Chain 60 5
Food and Health 60 5
Entrepreneurship and Gastronomic Tourism 60 5
Therapeutic Techniques and Welfare 60 5

2nd Year

Curriculum unit Contact hours ECTS
Collective Nutrition 60 5
Food Production Management 60 5
New Trends in Gastronomy 60 5
Wine and Winemaking Routes 60 5
Thermal Waters and Health Promotion 60 5
Degustation and Sensory Analysis 60 5
Traineeship 30

More information

Study plan :
Despatch n.º 5647/2018

CTeSP em Gastronomia, Turismo e Bem-Estar
Course Code
4 semesters
DGES Registration
Registration No: R / Cr 19/2018
Date of registration: 07-06-2018