These are competencies in the area of accounting, treasury and procurement, , among others:
a) carry out all bookkeeping relating to accounting;
b) Perform all actions leading to budgeting, control and budget execution and accounting process in accordance with the law and the BTI Statutes;
c) Inform the processes regarding the legality and appropriateness of funds;
d) Indicate the procedures for budget change, including those for transfers of funds between headings;
e) To elaborate the relation of the expense documents and to submit for the superior appreciation and approval;
f) Collect all ESSV revenues in the treasury;
g) To elaborate the bank reconciliations;
h) Record all invoices concerning the ESSV;
i) periodically prepare the accounting statements for ESSV’s financial and economic situation;
j) Archive all documents for later submission to the IPV;
k) Deposit the funds entered in a vault;
l) Keep the cash writing in a safe deposit box up to date;
m) Check the processes as to the amount of the fees to be paid and receive them;
n) To ensure the equipping of the services, organizing the acquisition processes, in accordance with the legal dispositions in force;
o) Keep in deposit the material of common use indispensable to the regular operation of the services;
p) Ensure the conservation and utilization of material and facilities;
q) Keep updated the inventory and register of ESSV movable and immovable property, as well as the file related to the working hours of the area;
r) Other competences arising from the law.