The Unit for Research in Health Sciences and Education aims to develop health research activities, particularly in nursing, education, health technologies and the coordination of research produced in the ESSV.



Acceptance Statement of the Advisor
Declaration of Scientific Integrity
Application for public examinations for dissertation defense, project work or final internship report
Statement of responsibility
Authorization to file and make available final papers of the 2nd cycle of studies in the Digital Repository of the IPV

Information on the delivery of works in digital format:
Dispatch no. 123/2018 – Works in Digital format

Note – Number of copies to be delivered:
The number of copies of dissertations, projects, reports, theses or works that substitute it is defined in the Regulations of the respective Course.

Information – Postgraduate Nursing Specialization Courses:
Final Report – sets up a research report related to the specialized clinical practice, to be developed individually or in groups, in this case composed of a maximum of three students. (Resolution at Special Meeting no. 28 of 22.11.2018 of the Scientific Technical Council – in addition to the provisions of the ILC Regulation, Section I, Chapter VII).


The types of covers and CDs for the master’s theses and monograph works are in editable PDF..
It is clarified that according to the number of pages so the corresponding cover will be used. As an example, a 55 page job corresponds to cover_essv_55.
To save the cover in .pdf format you must use the option to print using the printer installed by the program eg. dopdf.
Leaf-Face-ESSV – Provisional Document
Sheet-Face-ESSV – Monograph


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