Post-Bachelor Specialization in Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatry

Course presentation

The post-bachelor course in Specialization in Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatry (CPLEESMP) lasts three academic semesters, each with 30 ECTS. In the first semester the curricular units are theoretical and / or theoretical / practical, the second, in addition to the theoretical / practical units, already includes a first module of clinical teaching – Mental and Community Health. The third semester comprises clinical teaching and final report.
This course confers the necessary qualification to obtain the professional title of Nursing Specialist in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, conferred by the Order of Nurses.


The objectives of the course are:
Train specialist nurses capable of planning, implementing and evaluating actions to promote Mental Health, as well as providing more complex care to the patient and family.
Enable the Nurse to integrate multidisciplinary teams promoting highly differentiated care in the field of Mental Health and Psychiatry.
Identify needs in specialized nursing care in Mental Health;
To lead the design, planning, execution and evaluation of specialized care programs in the scope of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and social and professional reintegration of individuals;
Produce research using results in the development / improvement of the specialized clinical practice of mental health directed at the individual, the family and the community;
Develop research methodologies in Mental Health nursing;
Designing training projects aimed at nurses and other professionals in their area of expertise;
To issue technical-scientific opinions in the field of Mental Health Nursing;
Demonstrate high levels of clinical judgment and decision-making on ethical and deontological issues emerging in their field of intervention.


1st YEAR

Curricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursECTS
Advanced Nursing7231st semester17550257
Nursing Management7231st semester7520103
Health Promotion7231st semester7520103
Nursing Research7231st semester10015304
Personal and Interpersonal Communication3191st semester7520 103
Mental Health Nursing7231st semester15050106
Neurology7211st semester100404
Psychiatric Nursing7232nd semester13035105
Drug Addiction3192nd semester10020104
Clinical Psychology3112nd semester90304
Ethnopsychiatry7212nd semester90304
Psychotherapeutic Techniques (Options)
Option 1 – Music therapy3112nd semester10020104
Option 2 – Relaxation3112nd semester10020104
Option 3 – Psychodrama3112nd semester10020104
Curricular Stage I – Community Mental Health7232nd semester2402009

2nd YEAR

Curricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursECTS
Curricular Stage II – Acute Inpatient Care7233rd semester2252009
Curricular Stage III – Options
Option 1 – Psychiatric Urgency7233rd semester2252009
Option 2 – Pedopsiquiatria7233rd semester2252009
Option 3 – Drug addiction7233rd semester2252009
Final Report7233rd semester3007012

Final Report



Declaração de Aceitação do Orientador
Declaração de Integridade Cientifica
Requerimento para a realização de provas de defesa de relatório final de curso de pós-licenciatura de especialização em enfermagem
Termo de responsabilidade
Autorização para arquivo e disponibilização de trabalhos finais do 2º ciclo de estudos no Repositório Digital do IPV

Informação sobre a entrega de trabalhos em formato digital:
Despacho n.º 123/2018 – Trabalhos em formato Digital

Nota – Número de exemplares a entregar:
O n.º de exemplares de dissertações, trabalhos de projetos, relatórios, teses ou trabalhos que a substituam encontra-se definido no Regulamento do Curso respetivo.

Information – Postgraduate Nursing Specialization Courses:
Final Report – sets up a research report related to the specialized clinical practice, to be developed individually or in groups, in this case composed of a maximum of three students. (Resolution at Special Meeting no. 28 of 22.11.2018 of the Scientific Technical Council – in addition to the provisions of the ILC Regulation, Section I, Chapter VII).


The types of covers and CDs for the master’s theses and monograph works are in editable PDF..
It is clarified that according to the number of pages so the corresponding cover will be used. As an example, a 55 page job corresponds to cover_essv_55.
To save the cover in .pdf format you must use the option to print using the printer installed by the program eg. dopdf.
Leaf-Face-ESSV – Provisional Document
Sheet-Face-ESSV – Monograph

Access conditions

Candidates who meet the conditions set out in article 12 of Administrative Rule 268/2002 of March 13 may apply for this course:
a) Hold a degree in Nursing, or legal equivalent;
b) Hold the professional title of nurse (Ordem dos Enfermeiros – Portugal);
c) Have at least two years of professional experience as a nurse.

Course Code
Application online
Candidate Portal
3 semesters
Course coordinator
PhD Lídia Cabral
Application fee
€ 20.00
Tuition fees
Registration – € 50.00/school year
School Insurance – € 4.36
€ 960.00
DGES Registration
Ordinance no. 118/2010
Date of registration: 26-02-2010
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