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Osteopathy is an approach that distinguishes itself from other health care, based on an established system of diagnosis and clinical treatments. The American physician Andrew Still has identified the interrelationship between the musculoskeletal system and the rest of the body. Still argued that good balance of bone structures is crucial to avoid the onset of dysfunctions and diseases. Osteopathy is thus a therapeutic science based on the biomechanics of the organism and is based on the principle that the body functions as a unit composed of different moving parts, such as: muscles, joints, organs, viscera, blood and lymphatic circulation, breathing, etc. Any dysfunction in one of these units will affect the balance of the whole set and alter the overall well-being of the individual. The wide range of manual diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used in Osteopathy allow restoring the balance of the body, reflecting at a structural, functional and global level, and can be used from the newborn to the elderly.
Aware of this reality, the ESSV proposes training aimed at those who already have a basic training in Health (for example: Physicians, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Graduates in Sports or Exercise, Manual Therapists and holders of academic and / or health professional training – through curricular evaluation ).
The organization of the Course is in accordance with Regulation No 348/2008 of July 1, which establishes the principles governing the application of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to the training provided by the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV).


Alternating and integrating the practical training, with the theoretical classes so that it can establish a diagnosis by exclusion and select the most appropriate techniques to treat the pathology of the patient. Osteopathic techniques, scientifically and clinically proven, will be>
The Post-graduation Course in Osteopathy seeks to develop skills and train health professionals, namely:
Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and functioning of the human body and be able to identify situations of dysfunction and pathology;
Demonstrate the capacity to execute a set of techniques of evaluation and therapeutic intervention that focus on the different structures and movements affected, with a view to restoring its functionality;
Demonstrate ability and autonomy in decision making during your intervention and clinical reasoning based on evidence-based practice.


Curricular structure

Curricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursECTS
Fundamentals of Osteopathy720semester75153
Osteopathy in Sport720semester1253020105
Gynecological and Gestational Osteopathy720semester1253020105
Osteopathy and Aging720semester1253020105
Therapy and Movement720semester1002515104

Access conditions

You can apply for access to the Post-graduation Course in Osteopathy
a) Holders of the degree of licenciado or legal equivalent in Nursing and others in the Health area;
b) Holders of a foreign higher education degree in the field of Health conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this Process;
c) Holders of a foreign higher education degree in the area of Health that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the degree of licenciado by the scientifically competent scientific body of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted;
d) Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum of relevance in the area of health, which is recognized as attesting ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the scientific body competent statutorily of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted.

Course Code
Application online
Candidate Portal
1 semester
Application fee
€ 20.00
Tuition fees
Registration – € 100.00
School Insurance – € 4.36
€ 750.00/ by edition


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