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In the current context, the full experience of citizenship presupposes developing in the common citizen a prevention and education position in Basic Support of Life (SBV) and First Aid as it happens in most of the most developed countries.
On the other hand, the mastery of knowledge in the area of SBV and First Aid is a basic requirement for any citizen who is supportive and active participant in the community.
The management of this training is justified in the different sectors of the activity, especially in the areas of education, health and safety, since the child, the young person and the elderly are more vulnerable not only by the physiological conditions but essentially by the stage of psychosocial development in which they are.
The SBV is a set of gestures and its immediate application allows to recognize, acting and activate the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIEM) saving lives or minimizing irreversible physical damage.
In the face of a cardio-respiratory arrest, there is a risk of death of about 90% of the brain cells in 10 minutes, which are not renovated.
In this sense, training in the area of first aid aims to contribute to a sense of security of each individual citizen and the educational community in general.


Its general objective is to develop adequate skills to provide basic life support (SBV) and first aid techniques.


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Basic Life Support and First Aid720125251005

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Conditions of access to be defined in the opening notice.

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