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Nursing course, bachelor’s degree, with the predominant scientific area 723 Nursing, lasts 4 years with 240 credits according to the European credit transfer system.
The total hours are 6486 with contact hours 4073. Of these hours 2104 are internship (Clinical Education – 51.7%).
The course structure consists of theoretical, theoretical-practical, laboratory practices, clinical teaching and tutorial guidance. It works during the day, and some activities, namely, clinical teaching take place at night, on weekends and on public holidays. It can be attended on a full-time and part-time basis, as stated in the current regulation.


The Nursing Course, aims to ensure scientific, technical, human and cultural training, based on the references of the Schools of Thought in Nursing, Dublin Descriptors, Directive 2013/55 / ​​EU of the European Parliament and of the Council and Order Regulation of Nurses, necessary for:
Reflective practice supported by the recontextualization of updated knowledge in a critical and constructive understanding;
Ability to understand that shows the mastery and innovation necessary to solve complex and unpredictable problems;
Critical thinking in the collection, selection and interpretation of relevant information in decision-making that enables you to support interventions as a general care nurse;
Communicational and relational skills that allow you to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions, in the multiprofessional team;
Technical, scientific and ethical skills, in caring throughout the life cycle, at different levels of prevention, assuming responsibilities in the multiprofessional team with an evidence-based practice;
Lifelong self-learning capabilities, with a high degree of autonomy;
Research practices in nursing and health;
Being an active agent in training, nursing care management participating in service management.


1st YEAR

Code UCCurricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursCredits
7085950011Epistemology and Fundamentals of Nursing7231st Semester2701156010
7085950012Anatomy and Physiology I7201st Semester13545305
7085950013Socioanthropology of Health and Family3121st Semester81553
7085950014Biochemistry and Microbiology4211st Semester81453
7085950015Pathology7201st Semester8140103
7085950016Developmental and Health Psychology3111st Semester81553
7085950017Pedagogy in Health1421st Semester8130153
7085950021Fundamentals and Procedures in Nursing7232nd Semester3241458012
7085950022Anatomy and Physiology II7202nd Semester13545305
7085950023Epidemiology7202nd Semester8125253
7085950024Pharmacology7272nd Semester10845154
7085950025Bioethics and Nursing Deontology7232nd Semester8135203
70859500261Option 1 – Technical English in Health2222nd Semester81303
70859500262Option 1 – Cross-Cultural Nursing and Intercultural Mediation7232nd Semester81303

2nd YEAR

Code UCCurricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursCredits
7085950031Medical Nursing7231st Semester243110559
7085950032Rehabilitation Nursing7231st Semester8110253
7085950033Health Management and Administration3451st Semester8130103
7085950034Surgical Nursing7231st Semester16290206
7085950035Research Methods7201st Semester8135203
7085950036Statistics4621st Semester81303
70859500371Option 2 – Technical English in Health II2221st Semester81303
70859500372Option 2 – Technical French in Health2221st Semester81303
70859500373Option 2 – Nursing in Palliative Care7231st Semester81303
7085950041Clinical Teaching in Medical Nursing7232nd Semester40527015
7085950042Clinical Teaching in Surgical Nursing7232nd Semester40527015

3rd YEAR

Code UCCurricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursCredits
7085950051Maternal health, Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing7231st Semester13575155
7085950052Child Health and Pediatric Nursing7231st Semester13575155
7085950053Clinical Teaching in Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing7231st Semester27017510
7085950054Clinical Teaching in Pediatric Nursing7231st Semester27017510
7085950061Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing7232nd Semester13575155
7085950062Family Health and Community Nursing7232nd Semester13575155
7085950063Clinical Teaching in Mental Health and Psychiatric7232nd Semester27017510
7085950064Clinical Teaching in Family health and Community7232nd Semester27017510

4th Year

Code UCCurricular UnitScientific areaOrganization of the Curricular YearWork hoursCredits
70859500781Public and Community Health in Nursing723Yearly8227273
70859500782Elderly health720Yearly5420152
70859500783Nursing in Person in Critical Condition723Yearly6935102,5
70859500785Clinical Teaching in Public and Community Health Nursing723Yearly46028817
70859500786Clinical Teaching in Nursing for the Elderly723Yearly46028817
70859500787Clinical Teaching in Integration into the Working Life in Differentiated Care723Yearly46028817

Professional outputs

The graduate in Nursing from ESSV has a profile of skills that enable him to practice professional nursing, in the fields of clinical intervention, management, teaching, consultancy and research, namely:

Public or private healthcare units that are oriented to the different levels of prevention / intervention and oriented towards the individual, families and community.

Primary care, continuity, rehabilitation and social reintegration units:
Personalized Healthcare Units
Family Health Units
Community Care Units
Integrated Continuing Care Units
Palliative care units
Integrated integrated mental health care units
Rehabilitation centers
Local Authorities
Prisions Establishment

Organizations / Pre-hospital and differentiated healthcare units:
Hospital Centers
National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM)
Clinics and Laboratories

Particular institutions of social solidarity:
Day Care center for the elderly
Residential Structures for the Elderly

Educational and research institutions:

Sports and recreation institutions

Health, Wellness and Leisure Facilities:
Thermal institutes
Maritime Companies

Entrepreneurship / Professional Liberal Work

Non-Governmental Organizations

Management of health services

Pre Requirements

The prerequisites required for access to the courses in Group A are intended to demonstrate the candidates’ ability to communicate interpersonally appropriate to the course requirements. The prerequisite is selection, and the respective result is expressed as Apt or Not Apt, and does not influence the calculation of the application grade for higher education.

Printed proof of satisfaction of the pre-requisite of Group A, to be presented at registration: Regulation (Printed)

Determination No. 262/2020, of 24/02/2020, rectified by  Declaration of Rectification No. 307/2020, of 06/04/2020

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Dispatch no. 9211/2019

Test Guide:
Publications of Admission Tests

Legislation – Higher Education

Statistical information: InfoCursos ou DGEEC

Course Code
8 semesters
Normal student: € 697.00/ per academic year and tuition
International student: € 1,500.00/ per academic year and tuition
Status: Accredited
Process no.: ACEF / 1516/19162
Number of years of accreditation: 6
Date of publication: 18-07-2017
Accreditation A3ES
Script for self-evaluation
External evaluation report
Register DGES
Status: Accredited
Nº register: R/A -Ef 718/2011/AL01
Record date: 27-11-2017


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